This is my first year having produced work eligible for anything, and it feels about as surreal as 2020-2021 has been. I published two short stories in 2021 that are awards eligible, and I would be more than honored if you would choose to read and consider them!

︎ “Bride, Knife, Flaming Horse”  |  Apparition Lit, April 2021  |  PodCastle (reprint, forthcoming)  |  4703 words

This is a story about rules, about sentient knives and shape-shifting horses, about queer love and desire, about seizing joy and swallowing it whole. But above all, it is the story of my own beating heart, and a love letter to Chennai which is the city of my birth. A love letter to its forgotten ghosts and the demigods that pass it by. If there is a single piece you choose to read this year, I would be thrilled if you picked this one. Here it is, on the Nebula Recommended Reading List

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︎ “A Lamentation, While Full”  |  Baffling Magazine, Issue 3, April 2021  |  939 words

This is as much a recipe for idiyappams, as it is a story about the trauma and generational hurt housed in our physical bodies. It involves a raucous funeral, a series of possessions, body horror, improbable yearning across bounds that can never be crossed, and an ear-canal that feels like the sea. This piece is also on the Nebula Recommended Reading List.

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