2023 Awards Eligibility

This has been a banner year of illness and travel-induced isolations, cocooning me from the outside world within a literal viral fog. But following 2022 where I produced a sum total of nothing, 2023 has flipped that on its head, and this is both baffling and a wonder.

This year, I published one horror SFF short story, one SFF chapbook, wrote an essay about writing in the margins of genre, and also published a literary story. I would be incredibly honored if you read and considered my work!

Short Stories

︎ Interstate Mohinis  |  Diabolical Plots, June 2023  |  3030 words

Set on a desolate expressway in Tamil Nadu, this is a story about a boiling river and the ways of death. But it is also a story featuring the Mohini mythos, lonely women, and the kinds of love that bloom in unspeakable circumstances. If there is only one piece you read this year, I would love for it to be this one. Here it is, on the Nebula Reading List.

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︎ Undark |  Black Warrior Review, November 2023  |  1700 words

This is not SFF, but it is a transgressive story about hidden queer relationships in South India. This is one of the hardest pieces I’ve ever had to write, and I’m so thrilled that it found such a glorious home.


︎ The End, As Seen From the Tip of the Indian Peninsula | Neon Hemlock Press, October 2023

This chapboook has one of the strongest thematic threads in a collection of work I’ve ever come across. It’s achingly poetic in its examinations of womanhood, how freedom is taken, and how autonomy is fought for. Really stunning work!

—Brent Lambert, author of A Necessary Chaos


︎ The Wayward Gods of Tamil Nadu, or the Case for South Indian Surrealism | Ex Marginalia, February 2023